Simple Science: Compost!

Composting Methods

Helpful Tips

35 Cheap And Easy DIY Compost Bins That You Can Build This Weekend
Do you have a compost bin? Do you even compost? If not, you’re missing out on a wonderful way to add nutrients to your gardening this spring…read more

50 Things You Can Compost
One of the most common questions among beginning composters is “what can I put in my compost bin?” While it helps to know that there are two basic types of materials (greens and browns––nitrogen-rich and carbon-rich) to add to your bin…read more

Best Compost Locations
When lecturing to garden groups, I often begin by emphasizing the importance of setting aside space for composting. “You would not move into a new home without some kind of garbage can…read more

Maintaining a Compost Pile
Hot piles require aeration because the micro-organisms use up the oxygen in their close quarters fairly quickly. Cool piles also benefit from occasional turning…read more