Pollinator Gardens

Plants for a Pollinator Garden

Pollinators in Oklahoma, Attracting and Protecting Them

Helpful Tips

How to Build a Pollinator Habitat
Monarchs migrate through Oklahoma in spring (March-May) and fall (August-October), and will benefit from planting done in spring, summer, or fall. If you plant in the fall, select perennials that will die back in the winter but come back in the spring…read more

Terrific Trees for Pollinators
There are wonderful Oklahoma native trees that serve an abundance of pollinators! read more

How to Avoid Complaints from Neighbors, HOA and the City
So you’ve heard about monarch butterflies and pollinators needing our help in Oklahoma and you’re wondering how can you get involved…read more

How You Can Help!
The excellent news is that anyone, even the average “city-dweller”, has the profound ability to both attract and foster pollinator insects in their own backyard with relative ease…read more