RECYCLING 101 | What is Recyclable and Non Recyclable

How Recycling Works

Helpful Tips

Complete Source for A-Z Item Recycling 
The M.e.t. has been The Source for creative and comprehensive recycling solutions throughout the region for over two decades…go to the app!

M.e.t. Recycling
The M.e.t. operates and staffs 3 recycling drop off centers in Tulsa and 7 in the region.  The centers are staffed 7 days a week by adults with developmental disabilities who can help you with traditional and non traditional recycling items…read more

Feed Mr. Murph Locations
Mr. Murph knows your time is valuable and he wants to make recycling fast and convenient for you. That’s why Mr. Murph has recycling bins accessible throughout Green County 24/7. Find the recycle bin closest to you and help feed Mr. Murph!…read more

Recycling at Home
Recycling more at home does not require much effort if you spend some time to create a comprehensive recycling system. This system starts with having places to store your recycled materials in the house, whether this is a box, bin or bag…read more

What Can I Recycle?
Sometimes it’s tough to know exactly where — or how — to dispose of an item. Hopefully, this site will make it a lot easier…read more